Quality policy


INRECO Kft. operates in the Hungarian road construction and maintenance sector since 1995.

The main motives behind founding INRECO Kft. were to introduce and promote the environment friendly and cost effective technologies already in practice in the European Union. Today, INRECO Kft. is one of the well-established players in the road construction industry. Key factor to Inreco’s future development is a continuos devotion to our quality policy listed in the followings:

  • Quality of our service has to meet with requirements from clients’ side. The prime goal of Inreco’s quality policy is ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Continuous readiness to cooperate with clients for the justification of quality requirements.
  • Maintain and develop personnel’s devotion towards Inreco’s quality policy.
  • Make our personnel realise the importance of quality and its market value.
  • We continuously monitor our work and our subcontractors to ensure improving quality of our production output.
  • From the foundation, INRECO Kft. has been devoted to the principle of Sustainable Development and to the utilisation of environment cautious technologies. We make great effort in promoting these environment friendly technologies.
  • It is Inreco’s prime concern to earn and to maintain our client’s trust by operating in a company organisation that is capable producing the highest quality. Therefore, Inreco operates ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system.